Michelle Kondreck

Currently starring in her own reality TV show; I've Never Been a Billionaire but I Know I'd Be DARLING at it. 

Michelle is funny, cute, brave, witty, girly. sweet, cheerful, athletic and pretty. She's also one of the best photographers at Contemporary Image.

Behind each of her many selfies is approximately 39 nearly identical photos, that just didn't make the cut.

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Mike McElroy

Husband, father, designer, gardner, carpenter, draftsman, photographer. (Take a breath) Lover of rock and roll, custom beers, black coffee, all tings Irish and travel. 
Self-acclaimed Photoshop king and Lightroom expert.

Mike is a obviously a man of many talents and activities. 

His greatest passion...having fun spending time with his family.

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Mary Raleigh

Life moves...always...sometimes a little too fast. 

It’s my job to capture just a few glimpses of it for you so that 10, 20, 30 years from now you can remember every detail of the day you were married... And you can smile. (or if you’re anything like me, cry!) I wish I could put into words the beauty and wonder captured in everyday life, but I can’t. And so I take pictures.

I am a wedding photographer, specializing in fun, natural light pictures.  Although I do pose my couples, I do so "loosely" so that I can direct them for a more natural, spontaneous look.  I view each photograph I take as a gift – a single, captured moment. I desire to give my couples only the quality of photos that I, as someone whom has been married for 15 years would love to have.

I am married to my greatest friend, Mike, whom I fall more in love with everyday. We have 2 wonderful children who are all are growing up faster than I would like (*tear). I have a weakness for freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, will never have the willpower to turn down a good Latte, love photography and find true joy in the ordinary life.

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Dru Sutton

Snowboarder, photographer, cinematographer, hiphop head, millenial, drone expert and apple genius. Dru likes to live at the nexus of simplicity between minimalism and function to save the world from the under-belly of tedium and boring creativity. If you don’t believe this dribble, be informed that Dru is recommended by 4 out of 5people who recommend things, so he must be good.

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Kevin Gomez

Dear Reader,

Greetings from The Jersey Shore!! 

Things on the home front are good, busy and always exciting. I recently got promoted to Creative Director. Still making movies and taking pictures on the weekend. Love it! Lots of fun. Just bought a house in Monroe Twp. with my fiancee. Were getting married this year. WOOHOO!!! That's pretty much it. Don't be shy. Please write back soon!

Yours Truly,

PS - Our wedding registry is with Bank of America. So just send money. LOTS of it! Thanks in advance.

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Emil Bartsche

“make your marriage more awesome than your wedding.”

 Take a  5’7” bundle of creative enthusiasm, and you stumble upon him; a designer, a woodworker and a photographer with an eye for innovation, craftsmanship and pixel perfection.

 Emil wants a world filled with super-heros, force fields, time travel, worm holes and inter-galactic travel. In his spare time he doubles for the Hulk.

As a creative, he’s been a designer, an art director, a creative director and a photographer. He has created print and film pieces for J&J, Merck, Warner Lambert, Ortho Pharm, Ortho Diagnostic, Olympus Precision Instruments, Olympus Cameras, AT+T, BCR, Nabisco and others. As a wedding photographer he has photographed over 1300 weddings with a career starting in 1983. His work has been published many times, most recently in INDUSTRY MAGAZINE.  

When he’s not taking pictures, you’ll find Emil reading, building furniture, landscaping, excercising, boxing, doing pottery, creating websites, skiing and golfing.  

He has been married for 29 years as of April 23, 2017 to his beautiful wife Kathy .
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